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It’s all about Innovation from Africa - Safepod

Creative thinking is necessary especially after the corona virus pandemic. We can see this everywhere around the world!

One example are the two Italians that repurposed containers into plug-in biocontainment pods

South Africa leading the way

“Meanwhile one company, Safepod is providing a lifeline to overcapacity hospitals. They are minimizing shock impact at existing hospitals and enhancing remote locations.”

Safepod field hospitals can be used as emergency shelters and operational within four to six weeks.

The Innovation

From parking lots to remote fields, these Safepods can be construed to be fully removed or repurposed as an alternative shelter at a later stage. Such is the construction that remote workers like large construction companies and mineral miners are looking at the safepod to add to their temporary structures as a field hospital. Once the project is complete the Safepod can be part of the social economic benefit for a local community. Examples can include the continuation as a field hospital, school or local authority office.

NGO's interested

“Established NGO"s interested”

Recently a local NGO said they would be interested to use the Safepod after the construction project was finished. The Safepod was well equipped to help the NGO with health care efforts in a remote African country. What started off as a relief for the construction company could have a very long lasting effect for the local community who had to travel long distances for any healthcare.

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